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Cultural Diversity & Real Estate Brokerage
The typical American city has a diverse population of people from almost every country in the world. English is not the only language one hears in shops, restaurants and offices. There is no longer a “typical” American family. There is no one definition of a family. Any combination of committed people form the rich landscape that is the modern American family.
The house with the white picket fence may now be an apartment rental, condominium, cooperative, townhouse, loft, tract house, multi-family dwelling, or mobile home. As with the immigrant population of the early part of the last century, many dwellings house extended families that may include relatives and friends.

This course looks at how cultural diversity has redefined today’s homebuyer. We will examine the appropriate responses that are needed and expected from the real estate agent. We will further examine how fair housing laws work with cultural diversity concepts.
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