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School Policies

Barney Fletcher Schools Policies

Barney Fletcher Schools is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission (the Commission) to offer classroom and distance education real estate courses. The school codes issued by the Real Estate Commisson are 5753 (In-Class Real Estate) and 6994 (On-line Real Estate). The school renews its approval with the Commission on December 31, 2018 for online courses and  December 31, 2016 for in-class courses.

Barney Fletcher Schools does not base course fees, entrance standards, or standards for successful completion of a course on a student's race, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicap or familial status.

The administrative offices of Barney Fletcher Schools are located at 3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Suite 290, Atlanta, Georgia, 30339 (known as our Galleria/75 location). You may access directions to our classroom location here.
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone: 770-850-9090 or 800-850-0031
Fax: 770-850-9589.

Classroom Policies


To register and guarantee a seat in class, registration must be paid in full prior to the start date of class. You may register online, by phone, or by visiting our office. Barney Fletcher Schools will email you a confirmation of registration time-permitting.

Walk-in Registrations: (space available only)

Walk-in registrants are permitted when space is available. Tuition is paid in full before the start of class. Credit card, check, money order or cash only. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you are attempting to obtain a seat in class without pre-registering.

Barney Fletcher Schools reserves the right to cancel class(es) due to circumstances beyond our control.


Classes start on time! The state of Georgia requires 100% attendance in order for you to receive credit for your course. If you have any questions regarding attendance, please call Barney Fletcher Schools. The school will not allow late student registration once a class is in session.


Please contact the school prior to the beginning of class if you need to reschedule.

Note: To reschedule from distance learning to classroom, contact Barney Fletcher Schools. Certain restrictions apply.


There are NO REFUNDS on or after the start date of your class, however, students have ONE YEAR to transfer monies left on account from one class to another. At the end of one year students must re-enroll at current tuition rates. NO CREDIT will be allowed for textbooks.

Written requests for refunds must be received in our office 1 business day prior to start of class. A $25 fee for CE and Post-Licensing courses and a $50 fee for Pre-License courses will be held on the student's account for 1 year from the date of your original registration. Those fees may be applied toward a course any time in that one year. After one year from the original enrollment date the money is forfeited.

Service Fees:

Replacement textbooks fee - current market price
Returned check fee - $30
Transcript fee: $10

Prohibition of Recruiting


No recruiting for employment opportunities for any real estate brokerage firm is allowed on the school premises. Report promptly any effort to recruit by anyone to the School Director, Pame Childress Hewitt at (770) 850-9090 ext. 250, or to the Georgia Real Estate Commission at (404) 656-3916.


The commission permits the school to offer special career nights featuring real estate brokers or real estate brokerage firms under conditions specified in the rules of the commission.

Online Selfstudy Policies

Barney Fletcher Courses:

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Online Selfstudy fees are NOT refundable but students have 1 year to transfer to the next available classroom course and pay the difference in tuition (classroom materials must be purchased separately).

Courses Provided by other Vendors:
Payment in full is required for these courses. No refunds are available. Please see individual vendor's policies for full details, or contact our main office.

Course Requirements


Each distance education course requires that you complete a certain number of learning modules including instructional text, quizzes, chapter tests, matching exercises or other learning activities. Prelicense Sales, Post, and Broker courses require a final examination. No final examinations are required for continuing education courses.


In order for Barney Fletcher Schools to certify that you have completed a course, you must:


Complete all instructional lessons in the course

Complete all online homework or exercise required by the course

Submit initialed and dated Student Affidavit

Pass any required course final examination at our approved school location ( or for Sales Prelicense be proctored for an online exam with approval from the Director of the School)




Barney Fletcher Schools utilizes a number of instructors under the regulations of the Commission. If you have any questions regarding the content or subject area of your real estate course, you may email your questions to Barney Fletcher Schools at One of our Instructors will reply to you as soon as possible, usually no later than two business days from the date of your email message.


Signed Course Certification Statement


The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that you certify that you have personally completed each module of a distance learning course and any written exercise or assessment required for completion of the course. You must provide a signed Affidavit Statement to the school before scheduling any course examination and before the school may certify your completion in any course. The school will not process your course completion without your submitting an initialed certification form. This form is available online and you will electronically submit this to your school when you have completed all required modules of the course. This form will appear on your homepage once you have completed the course lessons.


Course Final Examinations

The Real Estate Commission requires that a student successfully pass a proctored final examination for each sales prelicense (75 hours); broker prelicense (60 hours) and sales postlicense (25 hours) course. Barney Fletcher Schools requires that you answer correctly a minimum of 75% of the total questions on a final examination to pass the course. No proctored final examination is required for any continuing education course of 24 hours or less.

You may take a course final examination only after completing all other assignments for a course and only after the school has received your signed affidavit statement. You must contact a school administrator to schedule a final examination. Examinations for distance learning courses are administered once a week (Wednesdays at 9:00am and Thursdays at 12:30pm) at our testing center at the Galleria/75 location in Atlanta, Georgia. Course examinations may not be administered at any other site without the prior authorization of the School Director.

You may also choose to take a proctored online school exam (for 75 hour Salesperson's course) with the approval from the Director of the School. Fill out the proctor registration form at the end of the online course to proceed with that process.


If you do not pass the course final examination, Barney Fletcher Schools will provide you at no charge an opportunity to pass a second, separate examination. You must score a minimum of 75% correct to pass the second examination. If you do not pass the second exam, the Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that you retake the course a second time.  You may enroll in our online course (or switch to in-class for the difference in price ) for no fee up to one year from the date of your original enrollment.


Course Completion Records

Barney Fletcher Schools will submit your successful completion of a course to the Commission for Prelicense, Postlicense and Continuing Education courses through secure Internet transmission programs. Normally the school does not issue paper course completion certificates. If you require a paper certificate from the school for another state’s requirements or for some other purpose, you must contact a school administrator. The school will charge a $10.00 administrative fee to issue a full transcript including content of the course.


Completion Time Limit

     Pre-License -   All Barney Fletcher Schools pre-license courses are good for one year from the date of purchase. Additional extensions may be purchased for students needing more time to complete their course. The materials are constantly being reviewed and updated according to state licensing content outlines which requires us to put the one-year time limit for completion. Our priority is to ensure that our students have the most current and up-to-date information to pass the licensing examination.
     Continuing Education -   All Barney Fletcher Schools continuing education courses are good for two years from the date of purchase. Additional extensions may be purchased for students needing more time to complete their course. The materials are constantly being reviewed and updated, which requires us to put the two-year time limit for completion. Our priority is to ensure that our students have the most current and up-to-date information.

Individual Vendor policies differ so see them for full details on time restraints.


Credit for Duplicate Courses

Commission regulations state that a real estate licensee who had successfully completed an approved continuing education course to meet any part of the continuing education requirement may not repeat that course for credit unless one full year has passed since the completion of the course.


All materials, whether contained on this site or distributed through classroom, (including textbooks and handouts), are the property of Barney Fletcher Schools and protected by United States Copyright law and may not be reproduced, published, or distributed without prior written permission of Barney Fletcher Schools except when specified. In the case of materials provided by another party and offered through Barney Fletcher Schools, permission must be granted by the owner of the materials.