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Make Up Hours

Barney Fletcher Schools allows a maximum of 8 make-up hours with a combination of the classroom Cram Course (6 hours) and computer-based courses; or a maximum of 8 hours in computer-based courses. Prelicense Sales students can make-up 8 hours maximum, and Prelicense Broker students can make up 6 hours maximum.

Make-Up Hour Courses
- offered by OnCourse Learning

Pricing Property to Sell - 6 hours* - $55.00
Understanding Closing Statements- 9 hours* - $80.00

Property Management
Property Management - 6 hours* - $55.00

Writing Contracts - 6 hours* $55.00

Real Estate Law / Georgia License Law

ADA and Fair Housing - 3 hours* - $35.00

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New! Make-Up Hour Course - offered by Barney Fletcher Schools

Real Estate Law / Georgia License Law
Steering Clear of Disciplinary Hearings - 3 hours* $26.00

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*These are the minimum hours required, some courses will require more time to complete